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PS-FH-21 Creative Felt Flower Pot (8 kotak)

KH-AJ-108 Creative Eva Colourful Hats (20 set)

KH-AJ-107 Creative Felt Book Cover (5 kotak)

KH-AJ-106 Creative Felt Pencil Case (5 kotak)

RM 119.00Add to CartRM 149.00Add to CartRM 129.00Add to CartRM 109.00Add to Cart

HN-736 Baby Play Yard 6+6 Panel Mint Pink With Activity

HN-739W Baby Play Yard Petit 8 Panels White

HNP-737BA Baby Play Yard Petit 6 Panels With Activity Blue

HNP-737W Baby Play Yard 6 Panels Petit With Activity (White

RM 639.00Add to CartRM 599.00Add to CartRM 469.00Add to CartRM 469.00Add to Cart





RM 729.00Add to CartRM 549.00Add to CartRM 359.00Add to CartRM 449.00Add to Cart

IXT-114E Giant Wooden House

IXT-174 Chess Learning Set

ITAT-027 Magnetic Frog Mazes

ITAT-041 Animal's Life Box (1 Box 24 Pcs)

RM 819.00Add to CartRM 65.90Add to CartRM 73.90Add to CartRM 73.90Add to Cart

ST-2012 Giant Train

ST-2011 Mushroom Play House

ST-2008 Giant Castle

ST-2007s Qiant House With Chimney

RM 399.00Add to CartRM 399.00Add to CartRM 399.00Add to CartRM 349.00Add to Cart

K1794 Graduation Gown Set D

K1793 Graduation Gown Set C

K1434 Graduation Gown Set B

K1433 Graduation Gown Set A

RM 59.90Add to CartRM 59.90Add to CartRM 59.90Add to CartRM 59.90Add to Cart

M003 Tambourine with Skin 7"

M010 Ring Bell

ML12 25 Tone Colour Glockenspiel with Case

ML08 Melodian

RM 33.90Add to CartRM 12.90Add to CartRM 229.00Add to CartRM 169.00Add to Cart

PB0913 Happy Farm

ITAT-147 Mag-Building ( 202 pcs)

ITAT-146 Mag-Building ( 71 pcs )

K1760 Water Magic Word Card

RM 79.90Add to CartRM 509.00Add to CartRM 229.00Add to CartRM 29.90Add to Cart
Happy Kids Furniture 

Q008 Single-Sided Library Shelf

QU003CG 6 Level Economy Multi-Purpose Storage Shelf - Green

QU006-CG Economy Bag Cubby Shelf - Green

QU008-CG Economy Single-sided Bookshelf - Green

RM 239.00Add to CartRM 339.00Add to CartRM 369.00Add to CartRM 189.00Add to Cart

Haenim Kiddy Big Block Plus 92/set

S5121 Clown Blocks (60pcs)

SE11005AC Multi Shapes Links (32pcs)

SE11001AC Transports Links (36pcs)

RM 899.00Add to CartRM 89.00Add to CartRM 59.00Add to CartRM 69.00Add to Cart

SRA30303AF OH Fraction Squares (51pcs)

SRA30302AF OH Fraction Discs (51pcs)

SF10801AR Friendly Farm Animal Counters (72pcs)

SF10713CR Backyard Bugs Counters (144pcs)

RM 52.90Add to CartRM 41.90Add to CartRM 80.90Add to CartRM 80.90Add to Cart

KPS006J Chinese Knot Frame

KM095 - Coloured Bead Chains

KM089 - Complete Bead Material - Cubes, Squares & Chains

KM096 - Coloured Cube Tower

RM 41.90Add to CartRM 87.90Add to CartRM 1,149.00Add to CartRM 499.00Add to Cart

KH-AH-11 10 in 1 Car Construction Kit

KH-AH-05 318 Pieces Play & Learn 3D Contruction Block (4 Box)

KH-AH-04 Set Binaan Mekanikal (4 Kotak)

KH-AH-10 Set Binaan Rekabentuk & Teknologi

RM 89.90Add to CartRM 159.00Add to CartRM 189.00Add to CartRM 69.90Add to Cart

S2-8500 Play Up™ Gym Set

S2-8500-1 Play Up™ Gym Set

S2-7543 Naturally Playful® Playhouse Climber & Swing Extension

S2-8013 Naturally Playful® Adventure Lodge Play Center

RM 5,499.00Add to CartRM 5,499.00Add to CartRM 6,699.00Add to CartRM 10,999.00Add to Cart

Integrated Playground ISC 05259


ISC05176B Luxury Playground

ISC05176A Luxury Playground

RM 13,110.00Add to CartRM 7,399.00Add to Cart

HK-BN-03(BM) / HK-BN-04(中文版) Banner Panduan Permakanan Seimbang

BK-PM-19(BM) / BK-PM-20(中文版) Set Banner Nilai-Nilai Murni

BK-KA-11(BM) / BK-KA-12(中文版) Banner Saya Seorang Murid Yang Berdisiplin

HK-09-05(中文版) Langkah -Langkah Pencegahan Penyakit Berjangkit

RM 279.00Add to CartRM 339.00Add to CartRM 279.00Add to CartRM 259.00Add to Cart

Dance Costume B8 - Pre Order

Dance Costume B7 - Pre Order

Dance Costume B6 - Pre Order

Dance Costume B5 - Pre Order

RM 49.90Add to CartRM 49.90Add to CartRM 49.90Add to CartRM 49.90Add to Cart

SC-DC-09 Bug Capture Kit (3 set)

SC-DC-11 Scientific insect Viewer (4 box)

SC-DD-08 Children Microscope

SC-DC-07 Neraca Dacing

RM 89.00Add to CartRM 149.00Add to CartRM 59.00Add to CartRM 129.00Add to Cart

XLAH558 Stump Bridge (4/set)

XLAH556 Stump Bridge

Square Platform Swing

Nest Swing Green

RM 1,199.00Add to CartRM 399.00Add to CartRM 1,699.00Add to CartRM 799.00Add to Cart

A-VPF-A1 Vertical Plan File Cabinet (A1)

A-VPF-A0 Vertical Plan File Cabinet (A0)

A-HPF-A1 6 Drawer Horizantal Plan File Cabinet (A1)

A-HPF-A0 6 Drawer Horizantal Plan File Cabinet (A0) ​

RM 1,329.00Add to CartRM 1,779.00Add to CartRM 1,329.00Add to CartRM 1,739.00Add to Cart

KM0002 Tricky Tree

KM3001 Forest Tunnel

KM2015 Coral Adventure

KC0001.1 Octagon Creative Blocks

RM 679.00Add to CartRM 1,599.00Add to CartRM 1,159.00Add to CartRM 1,119.00Add to Cart

Rotary Unit 40 Pockets

Wall Unit A4

Whiteboard Cleaner

Board Film White / Green

RM 1,159.00Add to CartRM 219.00Add to CartRM 15.90Add to Cart

Budget Seating


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