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ITPS-061 Mozek (set of 40)

ITPS-062 children apron (20pcs)

ITM-020 Projek Membuat Fail Folder (set of 50)

ITPS-059 Art & Craft (Alphabet B) (130pcs)

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DP0002 Stackable Cot

XLAH507 Easy-Stack Cot

FB-3006 Children Stackable Cot (Blue)

Children Stackable Cot (Natural)

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RM 729.00Add to CartRM 549.00Add to CartRM 359.00Add to CartRM 449.00Add to Cart

IXT-114E Giant Wooden House

IXT-174 Chess Learning Set

ITAT-027 Magnetic Frog Mazes

ITAT-041 Animal's Life Box (1 Box 24 Pcs)

RM 819.00Add to CartRM 65.90Add to CartRM 73.90Add to CartRM 73.90Add to Cart

ST-2012 Giant Train

ST-2011 Mushroom Play House

ST-2008 Giant Castle

ST-2007s Qiant House With Chimney

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BN-09 Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Bannerelamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Banner

BN-02 Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Banner

BN-03 Happy Deepavali Banner

BN-01 Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Banner

RM 119.90Add to CartRM 119.90Add to CartRM 119.90Add to CartRM 119.90Add to Cart

K1434 Graduation Gown Set B

K1433 Graduation Gown Set A

UG001 Graduation Gown

LSH009 Readicert (25 pcs)

RM 79.90Add to CartRM 59.90Add to CartRM 129.00Add to Cart

M010 Ring Bell

ML12 25 Tone Colour Glockenspiel with Case

ML08 Melodian

ML06 Drum

RM 12.90Add to CartRM 229.00Add to CartRM 169.00Add to CartRM 469.00Add to Cart

PB0913 Happy Farm

K1684 Wooden Site Trains

K1683 Train Track Play 89 pcs

K1682 Fruits Stick

RM 79.90Add to CartRM 129.00Add to CartRM 229.00Add to CartRM 35.90Add to Cart
Happy Kids Furniture 

Q008 Single-Sided Library Shelf

QU003CG 6 Level Economy Multi-Purpose Storage Shelf - Green

QU006-CG Economy Bag Cubby Shelf - Green

QU008-CG Economy Single-sided Bookshelf - Green

RM 239.00Add to CartRM 339.00Add to CartRM 369.00Add to CartRM 189.00Add to Cart

Haenim Kiddy Big Block Plus 92/set

S5121 Clown Blocks (60pcs)

SE11005AC Multi Shapes Links (32pcs)

SE11001AC Transports Links (36pcs)

RM 899.00Add to CartRM 89.00Add to CartRM 59.00Add to CartRM 69.00Add to Cart

K1360 Montessori Mathematics Teaching Aids

ITMT-028 Solids Geometric Wooden Series (Set Of 12)

ITMT-026 Penimbang Digital

ITMT-027 Alat Penimbang

RM 49.90Add to CartRM 77.90Add to CartRM 77.90Add to CartRM 34.90Add to Cart

K1681 Mini Knobbed Cyinders

KPS006J Chinese Knot Frame

KM095 - Coloured Bead Chains

KM089 - Complete Bead Material - Cubes, Squares & Chains

RM 39.90Add to CartRM 41.90Add to CartRM 87.90Add to CartRM 1,149.00Add to Cart

AT7091 Alve Adjustable Typist Chair

AH7091 Alve Adjustable Typist Chair

HT7091 Typist Chair wt Handle

OF709 Office Chair

RM 99.00Add to CartRM 109.00Add to CartRM 99.00Add to CartRM 99.00Add to Cart

S2-8500 Play Up™ Gym Set

S2-7973 Play Up™ Gym Set

S2-7543 Naturally Playful® Playhouse Climber & Swing Extension

S2-8013 Naturally Playful® Adventure Lodge Play Center

RM 5,399.00Add to CartRM 4,599.00Add to CartRM 6,599.00Add to CartRM 8,049.00Add to Cart

ISC05176B Luxury Playground

ISC05176A Luxury Playground

ISC05175 Luxury Playground

ISC05174 Luxury Playground

IT-042 12 Pockets Flash Card Holder

IT-040 Safety Signboard (Bc/Bm)

IT-039 Safety Signboard (Bm/Bi)

IT-023 Papan Aktiviti Panitia B.Arab

RM 189.00Add to CartRM 209.00Add to CartRM 209.00Add to CartRM 259.00Add to Cart

Animal Costume - Frog (Pre-Order 2 Week)

Animal Costume - Yellow Butterfly (Pre-Order 2 Week)

Animal Costume - Grey Wolf (Pre-Order 2 Week)

Animal Costume - Dark Grey Wolf (Pre-Order 2 Week)

RM 39.90Add to CartRM 39.90Add to CartRM 39.90Add to CartRM 39.90Add to Cart

EEL315 6 in 1 Solar Kit

EQ330262 Mini Skeleton 42cm

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IXT-034G Maze Balancing Board

XPS23903 Octagym

JT72NET Safety Net for Trampoline 183cm

JT7660-38H Trampoline with Handle

RM 199.00Add to CartRM 8,859.00Add to CartRM 519.00Add to CartRM 349.00Add to Cart

A-VPF-A1 Vertical Plan File Cabinet (A1)

A-VPF-A0 Vertical Plan File Cabinet (A0)

A-HPF-A1 6 Drawer Horizantal Plan File Cabinet (A1)

A-HPF-A0 6 Drawer Horizantal Plan File Cabinet (A0) ​

RM 1,329.00Add to CartRM 1,779.00Add to CartRM 1,329.00Add to CartRM 1,739.00Add to Cart

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand

KM5513 Walking Bike

KM5505 Push Trike

KM5511 Push Scooter

KM5509 Pick-Up Trike

RM 1,149.00Add to CartRM 1,089.00Add to CartRM 1,259.00Add to CartRM 2,029.00Add to Cart

Rotary Unit 40 Pockets

Wall Unit A4

Whiteboard Cleaner

Board Film White / Green

RM 1,159.00Add to CartRM 219.00Add to CartRM 15.90Add to Cart

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